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What is a micro-school?

If you were inventing a school from scratch, you’d expect to include some fundamental elements. You’d want it to be a place for children to learn, grow and master essential skills. You’d want to give children the opportunity to benefit from expert teaching and form important bonds with their peers. And you’d expect it to be fun, friendly and inclusive. But would you design it exactly like a traditional school?

A micro-school aims to reinvent the mainstream school structure to focus on the really essential and most valuable ingredients for children’s learning. Typically class size is much smaller than in most schools (approx 5-10 children) and there might be mixed-age level groupings. Micro-schools are normally based in a home environment, with a single or small group of teachers working with parents to offer a unique school experience.

One of the most exciting parts of micro-schools for me is the ability to design and adapt the curriculum around the needs and interests of the children. It’s a collaborative project and environment, where children benefit from expert teacher education and parents can input directly into their children’s learning.

Some of the benefits of micro-schooling include:

  • Deep learning opportunities and small class sizes

  • More comfortable learning environment

  • Opportunities for wide range of activities

  • Freedom of subject focus and bespoke teaching

The disruption to children’s education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led many parents to reconsider the best options for their children’s learning. A micro-school can offer peace of mind during this uncertainty, and can be the perfect bridge between home-schooling and mainstream education.

Micro-schools offer a premier educational experience, customised to the needs of the child, whilst maintaining the invaluable social interaction of a small group of peers.

You can get in touch with me directly to talk about micro-schools and any of the topics mentioned here:

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