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Julie Eaton

I am so pleased that I came across Hove Micro School and Rachael. My child feels very safe and comfortable and Rachael is a very gentle and experienced teacher with a compassionate approach. Due to the low pupil to teacher ratio, my child has learnt so much in a short space of time and feels involved in the learning choices. The communication between the parents and teacher is always open with the happiness and wellbeing of the children a top priority. The learning environment that Rachael has created is a safe, comfortable and nurturing space for the children where they have access to a classroom in a home from home environment.

Michaela Bull 

Rachael's home setting is an oasis of calm in this crazy world right now. 
Rachael is kind, gentle and respectful of my sons interests and challenges. My son feels listened to and is gently learning and exploring at his own pace - so essential to his self esteem.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hove Micro-School as a very rich part of a child's educational journey.

Tania Garcia

My son has attended Hove Micro-School since September. It's a respectful little school in Hove where you work on projects, the atmosphere is warm and pleasant, and teacher follows the interests and needs of each child. My son has worked on lots of different topics that change every month and he has also learned to play chess and the piano. He has been very happy.

Rachael is an angel. All children should have the opportunity to learn with her, since she respects their needs and brain rhythms, always with respect and empathy. For my son, she is an essential person in his life, and that is a joy for everyone.

Thank you Rachael.

Emma Fullwood

Hove Micro-School is really helping my 9 year old boy's confidence.  He leaves the sessions feeling proud of himself and because of the different learning techniques he is enjoying learning again - something he hasn't experienced in years.   We have spent years trying to get him to learn and believed he had a resistance to learning and maybe a learning disability. At his old school, he felt like a bad boy because he feels like he doesn't fit in, I have figured out in lockdown that it's not that he has a learning disability but more that he doesn't learn in the normal way of mainstream teaching.  This was evident right back in reception years when he struggled with Phonics.   It has become evident that it's not his development that is the problem, the problem was more that learning was exciting him.  Rachael has helped him find fun in learning  He loves the topics and loves having the strength to choose his topics. With his new found interest in learning he is thriving and is also happier generally in himself.   My boy has always resisted reading for years.  I was so proud when  yesterday I went to collect him and I found him reading to the other children with confidence!   Rachael's comment of "He is such a confident reader" really boosted his self esteem and he left the class with a spring in his step. At school he feels like he isn't enough because he isn't quite at the reading level he "should" be for his age. I believe his mental well being is important and I believe that Rachael's learning technique is confidence building, fun and educational.

Sam Colls

Our daughter loves Hove Micro-School! She was very quickly at ease in the homely, small group setting and responds well to Rachael’s kind and gentle manner. Rachael is good at adapting her ways of teaching to suit the children’s individual needs and abilities. It is lovely to see our daughter so happy, engaged and enthusiastic about her learning. Lockdown made us realise that mainstream school is not always the best fit and we were very happy to find Hove Micro-school to give a good balance between home education and a small educational setting. Rachael is always smiley, helpful and encouraging and Frank the sausage dog plays his own part in making the children feel at home!

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