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What to expect from us

Our approach to learning

Hove Micro-school is based in a home environment, owned and run by Rachael, a professional, fully qualified primary-school teacher. The aim is to facilitate holistic, 'family-style' education in a comfortable, face-to face environment.

One of the founding principles of our micro-school is increased focus on individual attention and adapting the curriculum to fit the needs and interests of children. Parents and children will have lots of interaction with the curriculum and opportunities to input and develop the learning plans collaboratively. 

Hove Micro-School provides flexi-schooling to home educating families or families looking for a more flexible way of educating, offering  a broad, child-centred curriculum with lots of project based learning opportunities which cover core subjects; Maths, English, PE, Science, ICT, MFL, Art, Music, History and Geography. Alongside this we also plan enrichment or extension for children who need further challenges and are most able in particular areas.

Hove Micro-School values outdoor learning and engagement with the local community; there will be regular opportunities for beach, park and forest trips so children can explore the natural wonders of our area.  

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Our policies and procedures

Any policies or procedures not listed here can be made freely available to parents via email

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