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Media Release - Hove Micro-School

19 August 2020

Concerned about sending your child back to school this September?

Launch of Brighton & Hove’s first micro-primary school

Supporting the Government’s #backtoschoolsafely campaign, enterprising primary school teacher, Rachael Ammari (28) is launching Brighton & Hove’s first micro-school to educate up to six primary age children within the safety of her own home-schooling bubble.

With a Masters in Education and over five years’ professional teaching experience, Rachael has recently returned from two years’ teaching in Miami where the concept of micro-schooling is well known. Her initial research within the UK shows that many parents would welcome such an initiative and knows that now is exactly the right time to launch.

As Rachael explains:

With the fear of Covid19 resurfacing during the winter months, I can provide a safer alternative for parents and children of primary school age, who are worried about returning to mainstream schooling too soon. A micro-school can offer peace of mind during this uncertainty and can be the perfect bridge between home-schooling and mainstream education.

“I have spoken to and surveyed many parents and know that for many of them this is a welcomed initiative.  This is of particular interest to parents looking at home schooling but wanting the benefits of a professional teacher and for their child to interact with other children within a family setting.

“One of the most exciting parts of Hove Micro-school for me is the ability to design and adapt the curriculum around the needs and interests of the children. It’s a collaborative project and environment, where children benefit from expert teacher education and parents can input directly into their children’s learning. It will offer a premier educational experience, customised to the needs of the child, whilst maintaining the invaluable social interaction of a small group of peers. It will be a more comfortable learning environment; a blend of professional/family style education.

“Face to face interaction in education cannot be underestimated, particularly at primary school age.​By having access to a small group of students and a rich curriculum with inspiring activities, each child will be able to learn and develop within a safe social bubble with other children of their age.”

Hove Micro-school will have a limited number of pupils - up to a maximum of six with an initial start up to cater for four children between the ages of 8-11.  This will allow the children to interact with their peers in a safe and consistent environment, enabling extra care and attention that cannot be provided in a larger class. 

Reservation for your child is on a first come, first served basis and the school will open on 7th September operating Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 3.30pm.

An initial deposit will be required to secure your child’s place and fees will be payable on a weekly basis.

For more information about Rachael and the school you can view her professional profile and the school’s Facebook page:

Facebook page Hove Micro-School:

To register your interest and reserve a place at Hove Micro-School, you can contact Rachael Ammari by Email:

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