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We are currently accepting applications for the next school year beginning September 2024 for full and part-time places.

Please download an application form and then email it to 

Application form for September 2024


What is a micro-school?

Read our blog exploring what micro-schools are and the key benefits for children and parents.

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Our Aims and Values

Our key ethos is to fit the school around the child instead of making the child fit into the school. 

We believe that education should not be a 'one size fits all' concept. Mainstream school may not be the best fit for all children and we want to provide an alternative option for parents and children in our community.

The beauty of a micro-school is the care and attention provided is much greater and curriculum adaptations can be made to fit the needs and interests of your child. At Hove Micro-School, your child's interests and passions have a direct impact on the curriculum: it is truly a child-centred approach to learning. 

Parents, teachers, and pupils influence the curriculum as a team to not only provide a tailor-made education for the children involved, but also to foster and grow a democratic community, founded on collaboration and mutual respect.  

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"I am so pleased that I came across Hove Micro-School and Rachael. My child feels very safe and comfortable and Rachael is a very gentle and experienced teacher with a compassionate approach. Due to the low pupil to teacher ratio, my child has learnt so much in a short space of time and feels involved in the learning choices. The communication between the parents and teacher is always open, with the happiness and wellbeing of the children a top priority. The learning environment that Rachael has created is a safe, comfortable and nurturing space for the children where they have access to a classroom in a home from home environment."

Julie (Amy's mum)

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